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Special Products

Model PS - Fiber Optic +350°C
Pressure Sensor
Flush Membrane
direct Flame Protection
for :
Gas Turbines
Combustion Engines
Diesel Engines
Signal transmission by
Fiber Optic lines no RFI / EMI
Temperature : up to + 350°C.
Miniature :
1,8mm Diameter
Flash Membrane
500 Million test cycles
consists of :
Pressure Transducer
Fiber Optic line
and Signal processing

Special Products

Pressure Transducers with Fiber Optic Lines for use with Combustion Engines and Gas Turbines.

AMOS Sensors & Measurements is pleased to present you today a very innovative pressure sensor.

This technology offers over conventional pressure sensors on resistive, capacitive or piezoelectric basis, which are also part of our product range, some unrivalled advantages.

Fiber Optics Sensor are transmitting the Value measured Signals via a Fiber Optic Line.

there is no electrical connection between the pressure sensor itself and the signal processing electronics.

The sensing element consists only of a stainless steel flush membrane, no electrical components are installed at this level.

The beneficial quality characteristics are thus obvious

No EMI / RFI interference
Explosion Proof
Insensitive to high temperatures, available up to 350°C and no
hesitation in direct contact with flames as no electrical parts are
installed in thesensor
Miniature Membrane starting from 2.8 mm diameter,
flush, static and highly dynamic

For this reason, these products are particularly suitable for use as follows

At extremely long-term dynamics, 500 million load cycles
Gas turbines
Test Stands
Combustion engines of all types
Diesel engines
Spark Plug Application

All models include also the signal processing Electronics.